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Iconic and trendsetting! There's no doubting that this French fashion powerhouse is one of the best! 

Born in 1905, in France, Dior was brought up in a wealthy family. Vacations on the coast of Normandy, Christian was no stranger to opulence. When he defied his family and chose an artistic lifestyle instead of the one of diplomacy his family had hoped for him, he sold fashion sketches outside of his home in order to make money. 


Unlike his contemporaries who designed more unassuming pieces as not to detract from the clothing, Dior’s costume jewellery was an essential part of his fashion lines, it was of a high quality and was designed to complement the clothes. For the quality of design and manufacture to emulate that of the clothing, the designers and companies licensed to make the jewellery had to be reputable, so included well-known designers such as; Henry Schreiner, Kramer, Mitchell Maer and Henkel & Grosse.

Despite Dior's death in 1957 the House of Dior continues to thrive, their jewellery is admired for it superb quality of manufacture.

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